Engineered for Success

Why choose Mount Mercy Computer Science? Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider our program.

Modular Course Structure

Choose a specialization curated by our department, or mix-and-match courses - or create your own as individual studies - to create a plan of action that fits your unique interests and career goals!

Small Class Size, Big Engagement

Smaller classes allow professors more time to interact with, help, and engage each individual student. Flexible office hours allow you to get the help you need, whenever you need it!

"Mount Mercy’s Computer Science program has set me up for so many early successes in my career since graduating. The close relationships I built with professors allowed me to conduct individual research outside of class. This gave me an opportunity to run into real world challenges, allowing me to get practical experience."

-Alyson Schultz

User Experience Designer at Principal

Relationship with Local Employers

Mount Mercy Computer Science graduates are often hired by businesses in the area, such as Rockwell Collins. Explore the many interneship opportunities!

"Mount Mercy employees are competent, hard working, and self-motivated. They explore solutions and research issues to achieve business objectives. Their most notable trait is their calm demeanor under pressure, regardless of customer changes, aggressive timelines, or project switching."


Senior Software Engineer at Rockwell Collins